Our Team

Leviticus Bentley – Chief Executive Officer

Leviticus encapsulates the core values of honesty, respect and integrity, and possesses a pure humanitarian flare with a drive to make the world a better place. This is what led him to take ownership of Natures Way Supplements in 2015. During his years as Managing Director at Natures Way Supplements, Leviticus’ operational and innovative mindset gave rise to Vita Go Beverages in 2017, which harnessed an ingenious cap technology to provide the two most vital elements (hydration and nutrition) to any living being. The creation of Vita Go Beverages drove him to expand his expertise even further into the injection moulding and packing industry, earning him extensive and valuable knowledge in thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers. His goals and values have contributed to the formation of an incomparable, unsurpassable product incorporating eco-friendly packaging with innovation and health: Biodegradable Future!

Dean Lynch – President

Dean is President of Biodegradable Future, and the CEO and Chairman of Equity Alliance International. Through his extensive experience in venture capital, investor relations, business development and marketing, Dean has developed a particular passion for emerging growth companies and the creation of investor awareness. In 2012, he began offering strategic advice and investment to exciting companies. Biodegradable Future is a prime example. With a focus on connecting sustainable and healthy products to the markets that demand them, Dean leverages his impressive expertise and experience to plan and execute business growth strategies, market and structure companies, develop streamlined and efficient business processes, and establish legal frameworks.

Yves Renon – Global Sales Director

Yves is a Sales & Marketing Executive, whose professional background lies in Healthcare business. He is considered by his peers as a role model in global sales management, directed national subsidiaries in Europe and developed networks of distributors throughout the world . His expertise in Change Management projects was also rewarded by several prizes he received from his former employers, General Electric and Ansell.

Sales Directors

United Kingdom

Steve Allcroft

My passion, skill set , experience, and diversity comes from my wide variety of FMCG sectors. Driving products into brands with the strategy to hold and increase market and share, scaling up the business as we expand. I have been developing products, driving sales, controlling costs, margins, P@L for over 25 years along with a structured view of businesses large, small and family owned, throughout the UK and EU. I bring inclusivenes, openess and transparency with a well organised and meticulous team. I have a deep passion for sustainability and keeping the customer and all internal stakeholders connected. Eco friendly, recyclable and now biodegradable is the only way forward. We need to meet the hallenge head on.and not be afraid of positive change, always striving for operational excellence for the development of new and existing relationships, driving the business to the forefront and achieving its goals. My stategy is setting the tone, leading by example and watching the team go the extra mile because they want to.

Leslie Briggs

Les s a highly regarded Commercial, Sales and Marketing Director with a portfolio of entrepreneurial, sales and marketing skills gained through an exemplary commercial career within the healthcare and life sciences sector. Able to provide exceptional guidance and advice in the delivery of meaningful solutions on commercial sales and marketing, and access to market strategies. Les moved into the life science sector after years of research, ending up as an assistant Professor in the universities of Crete and Harvard. Since then Les has worked with all the major top 10 pharmaceutical , and Medical Device companies, in Sales and Marketing, Brand and Product development becoming the CEO/ MD in a start up UK affiliate making £30 million in 3 years.

Europe & Africa

Mohammed El Safi

Mohammed is highly achieved Key Account Manager proficient with demonstrated experience of 10 years in sales management, sales analysis, coordinating sales operations, and implementing sales strategies that allow a business to consistently hit, and even surpass, its sales targets. Specialized in Chemicals, Masterbatch, Polymer Additives, and PVC stabilizers & plasticizers related to Plastics and Petrochemicals manufacturing industry. Profoundly skilled in identifying new business opportunities as per market trends, developing and expanding new markets according to organization’s objectives. Exceptionally strong in technical consultancy, technical support, and coordinating with customers’ technical team to achieve their objectives. Mohammed El Safi holds MBA in sales and marketing from UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain and holds Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from American University of Sharjah (AUS), UAE.

Anas Ahmed

Embarking on a dynamic journey across a myriad of FMCG sectors, Anas’ career has been an intricate tapestry woven with passion, skill, and unwavering dedication. With an illustrious span of over 15 years, he has navigated the intricate landscapes of product development, brand transformation, sales orchestration, and meticulous financial management. This voyage has immersed him in businesses of every magnitude – from flourishing giants to intimate family-owned enterprises – traversing the vibrant landscapes of the Middle East, the Subcontinent, and Europe. What propels him forward is not just a proficiency in operational excellence, but a commitment to fostering inclusivity, transparency, and meticulous organization. These values transcend his approach to leadership, sculpting teams that radiate these principles in all they do. His resolute devotion to sustainability strengthens his bonds with customers and stakeholders, especially in an era where ecological responsibility is paramount.

Landula Malango

Landula Joined Biodegradable Future in July 2021. Since then, he has actively explored the BOPP, PET, Yarn and Packaging Solution markets, securing a major player in the packaging and finishing market. As a Business Development Executive, he has shown strong Sales and Business Development skills at executive and C-Level Management skills, driven by providing a service to others that is meaningful to him. Mr. Malango possesses a Diplomatic and professional demeanour. He speaks well and carries a presence of confidence as a multilingual communicator and adaptable individual to his environments He is highly motivated by long term goals as a primary interest. He has a strong interest in innovation, development, sustainability, and applies himself in a thorough and meticulous manner. He harnesses the art of building long-lasting professional relationships.

Osigwe Montacute Chukwuemeka

Osigwe Montacute Chukwuemeka holds a Diploma in Law, Higher National Diploma (HND) in Banking and Finance, Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Administration, and MSC in Administration. Self-motivated Professional with proven managerial experience, Talented in negotiations and marketing, cultivate lasting relationships with customers to grow customer loyalty, capacity to manage various projects and work to tight deadlines, with in-depth knowledge of marketing techniques and best practices with over 38 years of experience.

Shubharthi Basu

Shubarthi is a Sales Director at Biodegradable Future for Global Sales & Marketing.He is an aspiring professional with 25 years expertise in African continent as well as domestic India.Through his extensive exposure in Business development,Administration,Logistics,Accounts,Sales & Service team, Shubharthi has developed a particular passion for emerging growth companies and building up investor awareness.In 1998, he began offering service engineer in Birla Tire company, India, followed by CEAT, J.K.Tire, Madhus Garage Equipments (P)Ltd-INDIA, Somotex (Ghana) Ltd-GHANA ,Garnets Engineering Ltd-ZAMBIA, Somotex (Kenya) Ltd-KENYA, Somotex (Ghana) Ltd-GHANA, Gulf Express Car & Garage Ltd-NIGERIA handling WEST AFRICA operation.He has proven dynamic track record in establishing,building businesses,increasing revenues, strong interpersonal skills,creating a Teamwork environment to enhance business goal and growth. Subharthi is a Graduate Automobile Engineer and have been handling senior management position for a long time in all the companies mentioned in above.

USA, Canada & South America

Toby Zambetti

Toby Zambetti has over 25 years’ experience in sales leadership and business development in IT and enterprise software. More recently in environmental services, and diverting food waste from landfills. Toby has successfully built, developed, and led teams of high-performing sales professionals in Silicon Valley startups in both IT and sustainability. As an advocate for sustainability and our environment, during the early 2000’s Toby spent much of this time as a dynamic public speaker for a nonprofit called San Francisco Power. SF Power worked with large energy consumers to help to curb rolling blackouts in the Bay Area. Toby’s environmental activism can be traced back to Berkeley’s People’s Park during the late 1980’s.

Raul Luz

Raul is highly experienced in negotiate innovative partnerships in business opportunities and highly accomplished Senior Director of Sales with an extensive background in information technology having developed a career as Technical Solution Manager, Project Manager and Senior Business Consultant. An MBA educated IT/Business Management, Professional with over 35 years combined IT project management, leadership, technology experience and business development. Raul’s deep commitment to providing value to his clients and his commitment to building relationships, demonstrate that he cares about our client´s success and builds upon what our clients have already identified as our biggest strength.

Laura Bilek

With 20+ years of experience in the beauty, hair, wine & spirits, and the promotional sectors, Laura brings her remarkable expertise in packaging and her unbridled enthusiasm to Biodegradable Future. Laura has built her career using her mechanical engineering degree delivering precise solutions to customers’ needs. With a passion for the environment, Laura uses her innovation and entrepreneurial skills to help brands weed through the greenwashing and hone in on the best execution for their products. Her main focus is the best way brands can launch products that are good for our earth. Through extensive research and scientific backing, the results are in. Biodegradable Future is the best way.

Jeff Nardone

Jeff is a Sales Director for Biodegradable Future. He has 25 years of sales and marketing experience with 10 years in the pharma industry and the past 15 years as the VP of Sales & Mkt for a specialty brewing company which he has helped build from its inception. He has built his success by working with customers needs to find solutions that create productive business partnerships. Jeff is committed to a sustainable future for his children and future generations.

Brunno Ferreira

Brunno is a Materials Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in a field of recycling. His professional background includes a large experience in industries like automotive, heavy-duty equipment and consumer goods, also related to knowledge in polymer materials. In all this experiences he was responsible for project development and implementation of new materials in production line, control of KPI and team leadership. Skills like building relationships and analytical capacity headed his actions during his journey. Concerned about the current environmental challenges, and ,seeing this field as a great opportunity to combine applied knowledge and the need to protect the natural resources, he decided to take a step forward in his career accepting the challenge to become the new Sales Manager of Biodegradable Future.

Mauro Daudt

Mauro has extensive experience in developing new commercial partnerships, having worked in commercial management for the last 30 years. Professional with a degree in Engineering, a postgraduate degree in Occupational Safety Engineering and an MBA in Decision Science (Psychology, Economics and Consumption). Mauro has extensive experience managing and developing the Footwear Industry and in Retail sales. Extensive experience in process management, commercial management and leading commercial and technical teams. Always willing to present the New to our customers. Innovation drives his work.


Jagdeep Singh Malhotra

Jagdeep is a experienced Professional with proven track record in establishing, building businesses increasing revenues, establishing networks, streamlining workflow and creating a team work environment to enhance productivity. Expertise in strategic planning, market plan execution with skills in competitor and market analysis. Well versed in new Venture Development, Product Design, Project management, contract negotiation and business development. Jagdeep holds B.Tech, MBA from IIFT.

Vijay Singh Rajput

Vijay is a Sales Director at Biodegradable Future for South-East Asia and is dedicated to creating awareness around biodegradable additives to ensure a more sustainable circular economy. Vijay has implemented generic medicine project for Government of India. He has a dedication to facilitating marketing needs and specialises in working with Pharmaceutical Industry for Government, NGOs and Private organisations for more than 19 years and he has developed equity and corporate relation in national and international markets.

Muralidharan Santhanam

Muralidharan is a Sales Director at Biodegradable Future for Global Sales & Marketing. He is an aspiring professional with 28 years industrial business expertise. He is responsible for Executing Strategies to Support Company’s Growth. He is Committed to making a positive impact in the world and the environment. Earlier he has worked as a various leader ship roles in Micro labs, Sundaram Auto components (TVS Group), Poly bond India, Armacell Zamil (KSA) & KFLEX India. He has proven track record in establishing, building businesses increasing revenues, establishing networks, streamlining workflow and creating a team work environment to enhance business growth. Muralidharan holds Master of science (Chemistry), Master of Business Administration (Marketing).

Himanshu Ladwal

I am a skilled and results-driven leader with 7 years of experience in operations management, team building, research, and business development. I successfully led Sales & business developments teams at Bik and TISS , provided guidance to staff, facilitated client onboarding, managed corporate social responsibility projects and prioritized both sustainable development objectives and revenue generation. In addition, I have previously held positions as Operations Manager with a startup company in Amsterdam and India. My passion for effective leadership and strategic planning drives my success.

Muruganandam Azhagappan

Muruganandam is a dynamic professional with a proven track record of driving revenue growth. He excels in optimizing human, technological, and material resources across the entire value chain. He is skilled in crafting and executing effective strategies that not only enhance brand visibility but also foster strong customer relationships. With an enduring passion for environmentally friendly products and projects, Muruganandam boasts an impressive 25-year career in the renewable energy sector, specifically in wind power. He is recognized for his expertise in policy and procedure development, workflow streamlining, and cultivating team environments that boost productivity and profits.


Ravi Shankar Singh

Ravi is a marketing intern at Biodegradable Future, whose professional interest lies in social upliftment with the shared goal of a happy world. Ravi has previously worked in various diverse disciplines, including media and marketing. Some of the major organisations Ravi worked for are the AAP party & Delhi University. Ravi also provided business consultancy to many businesses in previous experience and has good business acumen. With about 2 years of experience, Ravi holds multiple skills like digital marketing, research, article writing and UX research. Ravi is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in political science including economics.

Nishtha Kapoor

Nishtha is a passionate, ambitious, and enthusiastic person trying to learn as much as she can from all the challenges that life brings her way. On the professional front, she holds a Btech degree from the University of Delhi and is currently pursuing her MBA in Marketing and Finance from Delhi Technological University. She has a keen interest and passion in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Analytics. She also holds experience, working with a US Healthcare based firm in the Business Intelligence domain. She is a Marketing Intern at Biogredable Future.

Operations Administrator

Nicole Andries-Cole – Operations Manager

Teamwork makes the dream work! Always do what is right!

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* Biodegradation rates of Bio Future's additives -treated plastic materials measured according to the ASTM D5511 test method. Tests are generally conducted using 20% to 30% solids content; solids content in naturally wetter landfills range from 55% to 65%, while the driest landfills may reach 93%. Actual biodegradation rates will vary in biologically-active landfills according to the type of plastic used, the product configuration, and the solid content, temperature and moisture levels of the landfill.