Filtech collaborates with Biodegradable Future to produce Biodegradable PPE

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the amount of single-use products used by the health industry and the general public, with disposal masks being a recommendation for daily use and wear in many countries worldwide now.
Single-use masks that are not homemade from material and washed for re-use, are generally made from polypropylene (PP), a fossil fuel-derived plastic that takes hundreds of years to degrade. These masks are now becoming litter that is found in the oceans where marine life come into contact with them. The masks also shed harmful microplastics into waterways, which may be consumed by fish.

Biodegradable Future has collaborated with Filtech to create a biodegradable mask, and with Filtech’s more than 20 years of experience in air filtration, they are uniquely qualified to respond to the need for protective masks that are not harmful to the environment and further exacerbate our problems with plastic pollution.

Frank Shen President of Filtech “It is important to encourage the use of biodegradable masks going forward, whether simple ones for the general public, or medical masks with a higher level of protection.”

Current PPE masks are made from a complex mix of materials that require specific technology to recycle them, which costs more than the value of the recycled material.

Leviticus Bentley CEO of Biodegradable Future says “Our team is delighted to be partnering with Filtech to create a more sustainable footprint with in the single use PPE space”.

Barry Cocks, Director of Biodegradable Future, Dubai added “ Thanks to Biodegradable Future, We are at the end of an era where plastic products lasted for hundreds of years”.

The initial production roll out will be focused on Surgical, FFP2 & FFP3 masks whilst moving to a full Biodegradable offering of Personal Protective Equipment PPE.

Biodegradable Future

Biodegradable Future is a lead supplier of plastic additives that are changing the way we work with plastic. We have developed an additive for plastic that will naturally biodegrade when it ends up in a landfill, ocean or soil. The additive does not compromise the plastic goods physical characteristics and also doesn’t negatively impact the recycling process. Microorganisms are naturally attracted to carbon, a compound that plastic contains. However, the carbon strains in plastic (polymers) are too long making them impossible for microbes to break them down. Our additive changes the DNA of regular plastic to make it easily biodegradable when it comes into contact with microbes in landfills, soil and oceans.


A Chinese national high-tech Enterprise founded in 1998. Leveraging on its more than 20 years of filtration research and development technology and experience, the company began to deploy in the mask industry, vigorously research and development, production and sales of protective masks.

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