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Biodegradable Future

Biodegradable Future is a company that is actively contributing to sustainability efforts through its focus on promoting biodegradable and eco-friendly products. Here are ways in which Biodegradable Future is helping sustainability:

1. Offering Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable Future specializes in the development and distribution of biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastics and other environmentally harmful materials. Their product range includes items like packaging materials, utensils, bags, and containers, all designed to break down naturally and minimize environmental impact.

2. Waste Reduction

By advocating for the use of biodegradable products, Biodegradable Future aims to reduce overall waste generation. Traditional plastics can persist in the environment for hundreds of years, causing significant harm to ecosystems. In contrast, their biodegradable alternatives are designed to break down more rapidly, reducing the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills, oceans, and other natural habitats.

3. Environmental Impact

Biodegradable Future takes into account the environmental impact of their products throughout their lifecycle. This includes considering the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and end-of-life disposal. By prioritizing sustainable and renewable materials in their product range, they help conserve resources and decrease carbon emissions associated with traditional production methods.

4. Education and Awareness

The company actively engages in educational initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and the benefits of biodegradable products. Through workshops, seminars, and online campaigns, they strive to inform consumers, businesses, and policymakers about the environmental consequences of unsustainable materials and promote the adoption of more eco-friendly alternatives.

5. Collaborations and Partnerships

Biodegradable Future collaborates with like-minded organizations, manufacturers, and distributors to expand the reach of their products and advance sustainability goals. By partnering with retailers and businesses, they contribute to the availability and accessibility of biodegradable alternatives, making it easier for consumers to make sustainable choices.

6. Research and Innovation

Biodegradable Future invests in research and development to improve the performance and versatility of their biodegradable products. They continuously seek innovative solutions and explore new materials and technologies that align with sustainability objectives. By driving advancements in the field of biodegradability, they contribute to a more sustainable future.

In Summary

Biodegradable Future plays a vital role in driving sustainability by offering biodegradable alternatives, minimizing waste, considering the environmental impact of their products, raising awareness, fostering collaborations, and investing in research and innovation. By promoting the use of biodegradable products, the company contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly society.

Unveiling the Future of Sustainability:
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About Biodegradable Future

Biodegradable Future is a major distributor of organic additives that help plastic products biodegrade. Our additives do not change the appearance or characteristics of your product, but simply enable microbes to consume the plastic in landfills, oceans and soils.

With the staggering number of plastic products that end up in landfills every year, there is pressure for companies to clean up their business practices and find alternatives when it comes to packaging and product design. There are a number of reasons why our additives are an excellent option for any company who wants to be environmentally conscious while working with plastics. Our additives:

  • Maintain the strength of the plastic
  • Are cost-effective and easily implemented
  • Are versatile and adaptable to your needs
  • Have been tested and proven to work

Over 90% of all plastic ends up in landfills, our product is designed to ensure that this stops becoming a problem.

what is it?

Organic additive that treats polymers and plastic during the production process and manufacturing phase. While the additive attracts microbes in controlled microberich environments, the product itself is free from the organism. The product is safe to use and has been classified non toxic having been tested and certified as FDA compliant.

how it works?

Our additive makes plastic react better with microbes, allowing them to consume it. Adding it to a petroleum based resin assists in attracting microbes to the plastic product so that they can proceed in colonising the surface of it. When the colonisation is complete, the microbes proceed to break down the polymer chain while utilising the plastic as food.

why use it?

A staggering 91% of plastic ends up in landfills, it’s time that businesses take responsibility and find ways to help turn this around. Plastic is the cheapest form of packaging, which makes it so popular. But now, by using our additive, you can continue to keep production costs low while making landfills 100% biodegradable.

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* Biodegradation rates of Bio Future's additives -treated plastic materials measured according to the ASTM D5511 test method. Tests are generally conducted using 20% to 30% solids content; solids content in naturally wetter landfills range from 55% to 65%, while the driest landfills may reach 93%. Actual biodegradation rates will vary in biologically-active landfills according to the type of plastic used, the product configuration, and the solid content, temperature and moisture levels of the landfill.